Tuesday, February 24, 2009


garrrrr im in such a bad mood but im listening to kelly clarkson so its hard to stay angry.

i guess that's a good thing? a great thing?

im not going to go through and take out the bad punctuation and spelling, not to mention the numerous missing capital letters. im just going to say this: 


hows that for capitals? its ridiculously true though, and on all different level. simple things like my home have started to really piss me off. my home. my family home. i hate it.
that's very unhealthy for me to say, but its easily justified in that i don't feel safe here anymore. i feel like a target, a sitting duck, at the edge of a cliff, waiting for the ground beneath me to crumble down. Nothing i can do can help or fix it.

And school. I know, how cliche for a sixteen year-old to complain about school. But it's not so much the usual homework or early morning blues, it more like a case of the I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-all-this-for reds. much like the mean reds, im afraid and I don't know what I'm afraid of. I don't think a 6am trip to Tiffany's is going to make me feel any better though.

but despite these heavy woes that although from my keyboard may be very melodramatic, I am finding positives in as much as i possibly can and am trying to create as many as possible. I'm over just sitting by helplessly because i know that in my housing situation i am unable to help. I want to give back to the people who inspire and care for those who can't themselves. Unfortunatly, when freshly unemployed and in the middle of a credit crunch, its difficult for me financially support anything substantial so I have taken the following actions

  1. Signed up to be a blood donor.
  2. Signed up to volunteer at the lost dogs home
  3. gone door knocking- NOT FUN but for some much-needed bushfire funds.

They may be small, but if everyone did small things like those, world suck would dramatically decrease (DFTBA) and superficial sixteen year-olds such as myself would have a lot less to complain about in their blogs.


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