Sunday, May 30, 2010

A sad realization

So last night was my dear friend Mel's 18th Birthday party. I love her, so I was really excited for it and sleeping over afterwards with a whole lot of other lovely people.

I kinda wish I just went home at like 1 though. It's weird, but as soon as the clock strikes twelve, everyone decides to be all emo and bitchy. So much drama was happening and just ruining my mood. I wanted to just giggle and dance and have fun, but everyone I spoke to, I ended up being stuck in a freaking deep and meaningful with. I'm fine with consoling someone who has genuinly been hurt, as was the case with one girl last night, but seriously, people would just blurt out some serious problems of their own that had nothing to do with what was going on. I had a friend tell me that she never intended on being friends with her bestie, and initially was just sorry for her. I'm also friends with her bestfriend, so felt pretty awkward.
Then, one of the girls was sad because she mistook the way in which another girl was speaking to her boyfriend as flirting. I told her that she wasn't, but the girlfriend was pretty drunk/ depressed so she kept being paranoid.

Seriously, dealing with last night made me realise why I drink. I don't particularly LIKE being drunk, and often act like it just to fit in and make people more comfortable (I know, it's stupid), so I think I do it for one reason. To deal with my stupid-ass drunk friends. My dear friend Krystal recently told me that she is over drinking. I must say I agree. Maybe I should turn straightedge? but then how am I to keep sane when surrounded by these intoxicated imbiciles? Drama kings and queens are not something I can handle sober.


PS. I do LOVE these people in their sobriety and tipsyness, it's just the comedown that is ridiculous.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


is blocked at school. I guess this means that I am going to have to do all my ranting here. I do realise that I have not updated this poor soul of a blog in over a year, and for that I am sorry. But that raises another question- Who am I sorry for?

Let's face it. I am probably the only one keeping tally. I have a grand total of two followers, both of whom would have given up on this shitty blog about mid-july last year. WELL I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON IT.
Oh yeah, I bet you missed those capitals.
Anyway, from now on, it will just be me and the text. HOT.

scrubs: finished all eight seasons, refuse to watch a fictional world without JD
RAD: holidays

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, May 4, 2009

a little bit of a cry


So I'm currently trying to calm down. My face is puffy. Nose is runny. Eyes are wet.

And for what reason???
I was late for an appointment at the hairdressers.

Now thinking about it, I realise its nothing. I mean....sometimes you can't make it places, sometimes your too busy.

And really, I WAS busy.

All the preperations for Ireland (three days) and the stress of doing my VCE is really getting to me emotionally.

Getting home twenty minutes after the appointment time, thinking about that shameful call to the hairdressers to tell her i couldn't make it, everything sort of exploded inside of me and I just started to cry. Really cry.

Anyway, that doesn't matter now. I feel venting all this through blogging is good therapy.
I like the idea of taking time each day and reliving the good experiences while making sense of the bad. So a big (Y) for all you bloggers out there.

Speaking of bloggers, i really like what hayleyghoover and italktosnakes have done with their blogs, making the end interesting with figures and tallys on their lives.

I think i will mimick slightly.

Instead of Kristina's "Office Count", I shall record my progress through the eight seasons of scrubs.

And in place of Hayley's "Sexy" and "Unsexy", I will tell you what is "rad"-which in itself is not rad at all.

So without further ado...

Scrubs: Season 2, Episode 2
RAD: bendy straws


Saturday, May 2, 2009

seeing green??

I am eating a cupcake. It tastes healthy.

No good.

So guess what? I'm going away. This Friday. To Ireland.


yes sir, four extra end consonants.

We are going to see all the relatives and bask in cold weather and generally just enjoy a break from school and life.

I will report back with all the shenanigans we get up to over there in a very long blog sometime in early June.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

English Essay

I wrote this for my English class and thought it was pretty interesting.
Please do not copy. But feel free to par-ooze =] 
REMEMBER: Plagiarising is bad *shakes fist*

Culture is stronger than the individual.

Although individuality allows such freedoms as expressions and speech, such things would not be inspired if not for the many cultures and traditions that people belong to and are surrounded by. Therefore, culture is stronger than the individual because it is these cultures that create who we are as individuals. They mould people from a young age to believe and feel a certain way, lend security for individuality to be expressed and are free of judgement and prejudice of the individual as everyone is from the same background. 

Even when people feel very strongly about their individuality, their upbringing and values of their culture are still stronger traits. An example of this is Peter Weir's film 'Witness'. The protagonist John Book finds himself in a conflicting position where he can either conform to the Amish society's ways or stand up for the honour of others-which is what would be expected in his home of metropolitan Philadelphia. Ultimately, he does as he was brought up to do and uses violence. This further proves the point that because of the traits that his culture has so strongly enforced into him, he is unable to conform to Amish ways, despite strongly wanting to.

Another way in which culture proves to be stronger then individuality is the sense of belonging it instils into its people. No matter how overbearing individual wants may be to adopt another culture, there is no guarantee that the said culture will be willing to accept the individual as instead of being viewed as a singular person, they will be judged by the culture they had come from. Such prejudice is shown in Oodgeroo Noonuccal's short story 'we look after our own'. A nun easily turns away a dying man purely because of his skin colour. Even after denying she was "prejudice [and] racist" the nun still refuses to care for the man, forcing his daughter to care for him until his death. This reinforces her belief that " [Her people] look after [their] own" because had they been amongst others of the same ethnicity and culture, they would have been easily accepted.

There is no such risk if always surrounded by people of the same culture as they offer a security from the rest of the world. Cultures offer a community that share the same language, customs and values. This commonality offers security in the sense that there are so many people with similar senses of values to rely on. In 'Witness', the character Rachel experiences this when she first takes her son to the city and has so many horrible things happen during the trip as warned by her father who said " Be careful among the English". This contrasts to her home life with her family and Amish friends, who offer a safe environment.

Overall, people from the same culture gravitate towards one another. Shared values, languages and beliefs offer security and comfort. Knowing that, the individuals rely on that safety net to avoid such things as prejudice and racism. No matter how strongly an individual may want another way of life, they will never be able to totally rid themselves of the values they were brought up with. Thus, we can conclude that culture is stronger then individuality.

Anyway, that's it. Short and sweet, yet way over the 350 word limit?!?!?!