Friday, February 6, 2009

i haz no idea

not much has changed since my last post (i mean actual post)
still melting away in this melbourne heat, still stressing about school.
so to find an interesting topic to write about? quite impossible.

I quite hate my neighbours  hows that for a start?

They make pre-tumour Paul Robinson look like an angel.

They make Britney Spears seem like Audrey Hepburn.

They make Barney Grumle seem sober.

Seriously, its at the point where im worried that they might kill my pets.



^this delightful row of dots is my cue for a more cheerful topic.

how about Ireland?
I'm going there soon for a little trip. I expect some refreshingly cold weather, despite not leaving until their spring.

AND New York?
Planning on taking the Alex Day approach and having an inpromptual trip there. Once i have any source of income, that is.
Planning on not planning? I'm mad and contradictory. 

for the zero people that read this i bid adieu


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