Saturday, October 25, 2008

ahhhh summer

shit guys, summers almost here!

and im fucking psyced.


im quitting work and school will be over soon so i can just drift by in life.

spending days at the pools with the friends i only ever seem to see in the summer months, catching up with people i forgot existed, finding a new boyf and going away with the girls- heaven yeah?

we can eat chips on top of the cricket nets with j-dawg, scum up glenny with ashlee, get tipsy with amber and go to Ocean grove with the girls

omg i will be able to go to the movies! i havent in months. and i can wear my extremely comfy cossie without being judged lol. i can buy those reject shop sunnies with the slats in them and waste my days eating yogo and jam sandwiches at sarahs.

yep, only thirty-something days left and then im sorted.


Stupid people

dumbass customers make life funny

Ok, so i work at a fast food subway type place and infront of our customers we have this arrangement of salad items.

The other day this chick is ordering her wrap and saying very confidently what she wants and then points to the cucumber and says "what is that?"
Seriously. arfgjgrfj

And its the same after we close. All the stuff is put away and the lights are off but there is always one douchebag who insists on scanning the menu boards and attempting to order.

yeah, annoyings