Monday, May 4, 2009

a little bit of a cry


So I'm currently trying to calm down. My face is puffy. Nose is runny. Eyes are wet.

And for what reason???
I was late for an appointment at the hairdressers.

Now thinking about it, I realise its nothing. I mean....sometimes you can't make it places, sometimes your too busy.

And really, I WAS busy.

All the preperations for Ireland (three days) and the stress of doing my VCE is really getting to me emotionally.

Getting home twenty minutes after the appointment time, thinking about that shameful call to the hairdressers to tell her i couldn't make it, everything sort of exploded inside of me and I just started to cry. Really cry.

Anyway, that doesn't matter now. I feel venting all this through blogging is good therapy.
I like the idea of taking time each day and reliving the good experiences while making sense of the bad. So a big (Y) for all you bloggers out there.

Speaking of bloggers, i really like what hayleyghoover and italktosnakes have done with their blogs, making the end interesting with figures and tallys on their lives.

I think i will mimick slightly.

Instead of Kristina's "Office Count", I shall record my progress through the eight seasons of scrubs.

And in place of Hayley's "Sexy" and "Unsexy", I will tell you what is "rad"-which in itself is not rad at all.

So without further ado...

Scrubs: Season 2, Episode 2
RAD: bendy straws


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