Thursday, January 22, 2009

slight update

Yes, that's what i call it.

Why bother having a creative blog when i can just gush and slush the intimate details of my actual, wonderful real life?

Well, school is starting soon and i haven't done any holiday homework or preperation for when the second of february rears its ugly head. No stationary purchased, no labels printed, no idea where the uniform is........

oops. Must have thrown it somewhere during my 'schools out' celebratory dance at the end of year ten. (God, seems like more then two months)

But through the horrid storm clouds of school and the dreaded start of VCE comes the lovely silver lining that is my resignation from work. No more long commute, shitty pay or general disrespect.

JUST REALIZED! (with the help of my ADHD-style wandering mind) that this is the first 2009 blog. 

Seeing as my other ones take the theme of times of year-christmas, thankgiving, etc.-i will inject your mind with some new year spirit. Excuse the 23 day delay.
       Hannahs Resoloutions as of now
1. Study harder- off to a pretty bad start there, missy.
2. Start vlogging- just something small like video responses to start with, then expand horizons.
3. volunteer-boost karma's brownie points.

reading this back, i feel sorry for whoever will read this. tis a bit strange.

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